We take over complete production stages: They reduce their depth of production

It can be economically advantageous for you to outsource individual production steps with regard to capital commitment and capacity utilization aspects, but also with regard to the necessary specialist knowledge. We have the experience, the capacity and the network to support you - from products machined for production to ready-to-install components.

Internal Processing

Chamfering, sharpening, deburring, sawing fixed lengths, cutting threads, halving bearing lengths, flattening, cleaning, trowalizing and turning pins.

External Processing

Bending, drilling, turning, turning, milling, electrogalvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, annealing, honing, cold treatment, clinching, laser cutting, PE-coating, powder coating, straightening, rolling, S+Z, grinding, punching, deep hole drilling and chrome plating.

Our portfolio: from prefabricated products to ready-to-install components

Already today, we take over complete production stages such as sawing, end machining, heat and surface treatment as well as further mechanical machining for our customers. Our own facilities, supported by a selected network of cooperation partners, enable us to offer a service package tailored to your needs.





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