We connect tubes

We offer suitable connections to the tubes. Whether elbows, flanges and fittings, in carbon steel or stainless steel, an assortment with more than 3000 articles is available for you.

  • Seamless gas tube bends
  • Seamless boiling tube bends
  • Seamless boiler elbows
  • Welded tube elbows
  • Seamless weld-in elbow
  • Concentric reducers
  • Eccentric reducers
  • Seamless T-pieces
  • Welded T-pieces
  • Saddle socket
  • Arched discs
  • Tube caps
  • Stamped tube caps
  • Pre-welding flanges
  • Smooth flanges
  • Blind flanges
  • Threaded flanges
  • Flange gaskets
  • Sleeves
  • Weld-on nipple
  • Double tube nipple
  • Couplings, elbows, T-pieces, end caps
  • Flange adapters, reducers
  • Drilling clamps, sprinkler clamps, shielding hoods
  • Downtubes, telescopic tubes, flexible arms
  • Flexible hoses, brackets and fittings
  • Maintenance units
  • Seamless boiling tube bends
  • Welded tubes elbows
  • Concentric reducers
  • T-pieces
  • Pre-welding flanges
  • Colour
  • Smooth flanges
  • Pre-welding flanges
  • Loose flanges
  • Blind flanges
  • Threaded flanges
  • Sheet metal pressed loose flanges
  • Flange gaskets
  • Tube elbows
  • Reductions
  • T-pieces
  • Tube caps
  • Weld-on nipple
  • Double nipple
  • Sleeves
  • Reducing sleeves
  • Hose nipple
  • Hexagonal caps
  • Screw fittings
  • Angle
  • Tube clamps
  • Base plates
  • Round steel bow
  • STRAUB coupling
  • Ball valves

PreFiS-XL connects steel tubes purely mechanically without welding

Gain safety and comfort
Steel tubes can be joined together in a very confined space without welding.

Save time and effort
Our press fittings can be installed in a matter of seconds using a press tool and a pressure pump. This does not require any protective measures or post-processing.

You can rely on the highest quality
The multiple-certified tubes connection withstands the highest pressure loads
and is resistant to chemicals.

Optimize your process costs
Thanks to the many advantages PreFiS-XL can contribute to
the reduction of your process costs.

Reduce the number of your suppliers
We can supply you with press fittings and steel tubes from a single source.
In this way, we guarantee that the products fit together perfectly
and reduce your number of suppliers.

C-steel press fittings
Coupling sleeve: 1.0570; Press ring systems: 42CrMo4 (1.7225,1.7227)
Dimensions: 10.0 to 88.9 mm
Temperatures and pressure: -55°C to 400°C, up to 630 bar operating pressure

Stainless steel press fittings
Coupling sleeve: 1.4404,1.4571; Compression ring systems: 42CrMo4 (1.7225,1.7227)
Dimensions: 10.0 to 76.1 mm
Temperatures and pressure: -55°C to 400°C, up to 260 bar operating pressure

Technical advice and product demonstration 
We would be happy to advise you and demonstrate the operation of the press fittings on site.

Special constructions 
PreFiS-XL is available in numerous shapes and sizes.
If you still need other versions, we will develop tailor-made solutions for you.



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