Bright steel / bars stainless steel

Bright steel / bars stainless steel

We draw from the solid material

An extensive range of bright steel and stainless steel bars is available from our stock.

Profiles: Round, square, hexagonal, flat and wide flat, angles, wedge, special profiles
Standards: EN 10277, EN 10278, DIN 59370, DIN 6880
Production: pulled, peeled, ground
Surfaces: h6, h9, h11, h12

  • Mechanical steel (S235JRC, S355J2C)
  • Tempering steel (C35E, C45E, 42CrMoS4+QT)
  • free-cutting steel (11SMnPb30/37,11SMn30/37, C15Pb, C35Pb, C45Pb)
  • Case hardened steel (16MnCrS5Pb, ESP65, C15R)
  • High-strength special steel (ETG 25, ETG 88, ETG 100, HSX)

Profiles: Round, square, hexagonal, hexagonal, flat, angle, T, U and H beams, special profiles
Manufacture: drawn, peeled, ground, hot-rolled, strip cut, extruded
Surfaces: h8, h9, h11, EN 10058, EN 10060

  • Standard grades (1.4301/07,1.4404,1.4571,1.4057,1.4034)
  • free-cutting steel (1.4104,1.4305)
  • Heat resistant (1.4541,1.4828,1.4841)
  • Highly corrosion resistant (1.4529,1.4539,1.4462)



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