Efficient production processes through latest technologies

State-of-the-art machinery ensures stable, efficient and flexible production processes,
integrated in reliable, verified measuring and testing equipment systems.
Electronic data exchange (EDI), both on the part of customers and suppliers, is implemented as standard thanks to an integrated SAP system. Depending on the project, we can expand our machine park at any time to meet the requirements for the required components.



In addition to conventional high-performance tube sawing centres, we also have state-of-the-art cut-off systems for chip-free cutting of tubes, profiles and solid material. This high-speed cutting process, also known as the adiabatic process, is made possible by an impact pulse and guarantees an extremely environmentally friendly material treatment. The extensive service portfolio is rounded off by a variety of further end machining operations.


With in-line, semi-automatic or manual processing systems we are able to offer the following forming services: Expand and taper diameters, shape contours or change shapes.


Our production portfolio includes stamping of holes, slots and stamping of imprints and manifestations. The machining of different dimensions and materials is possible on request.


Various knurling operations on the tube are possible in order to achieve a better power transmission during pressing in downstream processes.


Our machining operations include a wide variety of internal and external diameters. This can be used, for example, to produce bearing seats or to improve tolerances in general.


Example of a so-called lock ring, in which a hole is milled on an automatic lathe.



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